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Who could benefit from herbal medicine?

Babies, children, pregnant women, athletes, men, women, healthy people, sick people, and the elderly may all benefit from the gentle, powerful, nourishing effects of herbs. 

What conditions might be helped with herbs?

  • Acute discomforts such as a stomach, nausea and headache

  • Seasonal and environmental allergies

  • Injuries

  • Chronic conditions such as heart disease and thyroid disorders

  • Menstrual cycle irregularities and discomforts

  • Any condition for which you might seek medical care

Do herbs really work?

Yes! Scientific research supporting the use of herbs is abundant and people all over the world use herbs to support their health.  There are over a hundred active ingredients derived from plants that are used in pharmaceutical drugs. 

Why would someone choose to use herbs?

Herbs can be used to alleviate symptoms of distress, but more importantly they work with the body to facilitate deep healing. For instance, herbs may assist in lowering blood pressure by nourishing and strengthening the entire cardiovascular system. 

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Herbal bitters

Bitter herbs have traditionally been infused in alcohol and used to support digestion by stimulating the release of stomach acid and bile.